Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Jam Camp

It's time for "ROCK ON AMERICA" Summer Jam Camp.

It takes more than learning an instrument to be able to play with other musicians. We can help you learn the ropes and have a blast at the same time. SIGN UP NOW for "Rock on America"

Program Description

Students will expand their skills and see what it's like to play in a band in a rock/pop setting. The jam ensemble will consist of students on guitars, bass, keyboard, drums, percussion, horns, and vocals. Led by experienced teachers from Rick's, students will learn how to connect successfully with other musicians. This course will meet two hours per week and will run for 8 weeks straight in our "Studio B," which will be equipped with amplifiers, a keyboard, a drumset and percussion instruments. At the end of the course, students will have the opportunity to show what they have learned by performing LIVE for friends and family!

CLASS DAYS: Wednesdays, from June 25 thur Aug 20
SESSION TIMES*: 10-noon, noon-2, 2-4

AUDITION DAY: Sunday, June 22 NOON

*Teachers will audition applicants to determine the best ensemble group & timeslot for you. They'll consider your interests/skill level and schedule availability.

Applications for Rock On America - Summer Jam Camp are at the Lesson Desk. Fill one out NOW to reserve your spot!

Louis LoCicero leads a jam.

and Jon Francis is ready to help you rock out.


~ Learning and rehearsing songs~ How to combine and work with different instruments and players~ Reading simple chord symbols and charts~ How to work out arrangements and improvising on songs~ How to run an organized rehearsal and a successful band.

"Rock on America"

Friday, June 13, 2008

Celebrity Surprise at Open Mic

We never know who will show up at our Open Mic!

At last night's open mic we were surprised by the unbelieveable talent of Tony DeBlois who is both autistic and blind. He is a savant who is musically gifted and a Berklee College grad. Not just a grad, mind you, he finished magna cum laude!

There was a movie made about him.. "Journey of the Heart," (starring Sybil Shepard as his mother) and Tony is the subject of more than one book. Visit his website to read about him and see the long list of his accomplishments.
You'll be inspired.