Monday, January 11, 2010

5 Essential Music Tips - Tip#3

Tip 3 - Fight Old Man Winter

Always leave your guitar in its case for an hour after you bring it in from the cold. That will minimize the effect of a dramatic temperature change. The quality of the case makes a difference! Is it time to upgrade yours? Come in for our in-store specials on cases during the month of January.

Acoustic instruments are in more danger in Winter. The dryness of winter air can consume the wood’s natural moisture, leaving the wood cracked and brittle, subject to splitting. Ouch! It won’t sound the same either! You can get rough fret ends, loose bridges, braces and neck joints, besides separations along the glue joints that hold a guitar together.

What’s the best protection? Insert a guitar humidifier and store the guitar in a decent quality case when not in use. We’ve got humidifiers in stock for as little as $4.95 and in Rayham and at Rick's online.

We recommend the Planet Waves Humidipak. See why Bob Taylor endorses this product.

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