Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Grace Morrison and The RSO -Open Mic Feature 12/2/10 7pm

DATE:                Thurs, Dec 2, 2010
TIME:                Open Mic starts at 7pm
ADMISSION:    $3 per person

OPEN MIC INFO:     Performer sign up is at 6:30. The show starts at 7pm. Our fabulous feature will go on about 8:30 pm and open mic performances will continue after the feature. More about open mic



Grace Morrison is one of our extremely talented and beloved teachers here at Rick's, teaching Voice, Piano and Guitar. Her vocals are absolutely stunning, her song compositions creatively unexpected.

Put Grace on a stage and her absolute love of performance radiates from every pore. Especially when she plays with the caliber of musicianship in her Band, The RSO, comprised of Grace's longtime guitarist Ben Moniz, Marta Rymer on violin and vocals and Max Judelson on upright bass. 

Her talents and abilities are difficult to describe because they are so extraordinary. Grace Morrison is a singer/songwriter/pianist/guitarist who has been compared to many, but best described as one who turns words into pictures.
With a style spanning roots rock to folk and back to rock and blues, Grace’s music transcends her youth to arrive at a plane typically reserved for ‘old souls’. Her lyrics are poignant, her melodies infinitely memorable, and her performance and presence are commanding.     Visit gracemorrison.com

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