Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Thoughts

 (We'll be closed New Year's Day)

We're so lucky to be in the business of music.  To see first-hand the power it has to transform our spirit by giving someone an energetic boost at just the right time, by inspiring a contemplative moment or resurrecting a special memory and by providing a much needed peaceful escape from our hectic lives.

At Open Mic we see it bring all kinds of people together, whether its to appreciate a shared song, recognize a person's effort or absorb the encouragement of others so freely given.   We see the many brand new friendships bonded here.  We see the challenges and laughter exchanged at each impromptu collaboration.  The vibe at Open Mic seems to bring out the best in everyone.  It's like music therapy.  Actually a few people have told us that.  If we could duplicate our Open Mic around the world, I'm pretty sure the world would be a safer and happier place.

At recitals we see a student's hard work and butterflies turn into a boost of self-esteem for their accomplishment.  We see the support in a parent's hopeful gaze as their child takes the stage evolve into joyful pride and maybe the realization that their child is one of the lucky ones.  Not all families can afford music lessons.  Some make significant personal sacrifices so their child can.  Others donate to our scholarship fund so they can make a difference for someone else's child.  They are making a difference.  Four scholarships were given out this year.

If you know of a child that wants to learn an instrument whose family cannot afford lessons, let them know we have a scholarship program and we do have scholarships available.  With your help we can make a difference in their lives through music. 

From Rick and I and all of us here at Rick's Music, we hope you have a wonderful New Year, full of memorable moments and new discoveries. We hope it's a good one!

Rick's Music Scholarship Program:
Applications are available at the Lesson Desk.  This Program is funded in part by Open Mic admission and by private donations.  If you'd like to sponsor a child, any donation is welcome.  Memorial donations are a heartfelt way to pass on the gift of music. 
Please make checks payable to:  Rick's Music Education Fund 


  1. Thanks you guys are awesome \m/ !!

  2. Happy New Year Robin & Rick! You are a blessing! You help fill a great need in our community to promote and encourage the art of music.

    - Dennis (magician musician :))

  3. Awwwww, thank you for your support and encouragement. :]


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