Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Jam Camp 2011!!!!

Summer Jam Camp Updates:

8/25/11--August Jam Camp Concert is Friday, August 26th.  Concert starts at 7:30, doors open at 7.  We have limited capacity, so guests must have an invitation or a free ticket to enter!  Each band member has been given 2 free tickets plus 4 invitations for guests. Admission is $5 for guests .  Bands have been told what time to arrive for their sound check and should check with their Coach if they are not sure of the specific time for their Band.

8/24/11 - August Band Names Announced!!  The Rocket Dogs, Apricot Wysteria, A New Direction and Good Vibrations will rock the house this Friday night!!
7/19/11--July Jam Camp Concert is Friday, July 29th.  Concert starts at 7:30, doors open at 7.  Admission is $5, but we have limited capacity, so you must have an invitation or a free ticket to enter!
7/15/11--We have room in our August Jam Camp session for 2 more bands.  If you are interested, get your registration form in now!  Don't wait til the end of July to'll miss all the fun!

7/15/11--Hey, Jam Campers...we'll be handing out invitations to the July Jam Concert soon.  (We're so excited!)  Because our capacity is limited, each Jam Camp Band member will receive 6 invitations they can give out.  Two invitations will be marked for Free Admission for two of your favorite family members.  Admission of $5 per person will be collected at the door for all other invited guests.  Please remind everyone to bring their invitation the night of the concert!

6/24/11-- We're still accepting registrations for the August session.  July Jam Camp starts the first week of July...Below are the only spots available.  If you are interested, please call us today!  508-977-0200
Bass   Level: Advanced Beginner   Age: 11-14   Session:  Wed/Fri  12:30-2:30
Drums  Level: Intermediate (Metal)   Age: 15+   Session  Tue/Thur  12:30-2:30
Bass   Level: Advanced Beginner   Age:  13-15   Session  Wed/Fri  10:30-12:30
Bass   Level: Intermediate   Age:  15+   Session Tue/Thur  10:30-12:30
Horn/Wind  Level:  Advanced Beginner-Intermediate  welcome in any session

AUDITIONS:   Previous Jam campers do not have to audition, but still need to submit their registration form and deposit.  If you have not participated in Jam camp before but are a student at Rick's, you do not have to audition if you have your Teacher provide placement information to the Jam Coaches. 

Here's the details for this summer's program. 
This year Jam Campers will meet with their band  for a 2-hour session twice a week for 4 weeks.  We're offering a July camp and an August camp.  Pick one camp or both camps!  The highlight of each camp will be the wildly anticipated Jam Concert held the Friday night after the last class.

JULY JAM CAMP:  Bands will meet either on Tues & Thurs  OR on Wed & Fri.  After Placement Auditions, we'll match up the bands and let you know which days & timeslot your band will meet.  Camp will end on July 29.  Concert will be July 29.

AUGUST JAM CAMP:  Bands will meet either on Mon & Wed  OR on Tues & Thurs.  After Placement Auditions, we'll match up the bands and let you know which days & timeslot your band will meet.  Camp will end on August 25.  Concert will be on August 26.

TUITION:  Jam Camp Tuition is $250     A $50 non-refundable deposit is required with your application.  The balance is due before the first class. 

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