Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Buddy Barrows -Open Mic Feature March 18, 2010

Buddy will tell you that there's something magical about our Open Mic.  What he won't tell you is that he's part of what makes it that way.

In his younger days he used to be in bands and play out. But like many people, raising a family became his priority and his music was put aside. Eighteen years later, the music beckoned him back and that's when he found us. Watching the other Open Mic performers quickly inspired him to get up and play again.

The regular crowd witnessed his weekly growth as his chops returned. Friendships developed and Buddy was (and is) often invited up to join other performers for an impromptu collaboration. In fact he reveled in it and so did everyone else.

One day he surprised us with his first original song written in umpteen years. The song was tremendous, I might add, well constructed with melodic changes, interesting chord structures punctuated with nimble fretwork and heartfelt lyrics, clever in phrase.

Witnessing someone debut their creation is often a magical moment in itself. But what made it more so was Buddy's introduction, crediting our young songwriters for inspiring him to start writing again.

Buddy experienced a natural phenomena that occurs when you gather creative people together.

Back in the late 1860's a group of Painters who met in Paris shared both time and creative vision sparked the art of Impressionism. In the 1950's & 60's Greenwich Village was a magnet for a diversity of creative minds.

It's magical. The atmosphere at Open Mic invites it and the folks who join us there respect, support and influence each other.

Buddy's reborn musical energy is yours to enjoy this Thursday night when he takes the stage as our March Open Mic Feature. Enjoy!

Open Mic starts at 7PM
Sign up is at 6:30
Admission $3 per person

Photo Credit:  Raymond MacDonald

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