Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NEW! Souldier Handmade Straps

NEW! Souldier Handmade Straps

This is one of the coolest accessories we have come across in a long time.

Our first shipment came in last week and customers dived right into the box to buy them before we could even get them displayed.  Handmade in Chicago just like the original ACE straps, Souldier has reintroduced a modern version of the Classic "Hootenanny" strap made famous by players such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, Jimmy Page and Bob Dylan.

Having located much of the vintage material used by Ace throughout the 50's and 60's Souldier is able to create some of the most legendary and recognizable straps available such as the Hendrix Woodstock strap, the Duane Allman Fillmore strap and others worn by Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and many more.

Much of the material is actually the exact same material used on the original Ace straps--imagine having your strap cut from the same fabric as Hendrix?  But when it’s gone, it’s gone!  Don't worry, I'm already reordering more Hendrix straps, cause they sold out in 4 days.

Cool new patterns, too.  With a comittment to being green using recycled & salvaged material, they are continuously introducing newer patterns and fabrics.

Featuring upgraded hardware, soft glove leather ends and seatbelt webbing backing so they glide over your shirt, make these straps head and shoulders above the original Chicago Hootenanny straps, yet they have the same vibe.

These are straps with history, quality and comfort.

Noted for their selection, beauty and craftmanship, all Souldier Straps are backed with their lifetime warranty because they are MADE WITH PRIDE IN USA.

Stop in today to feel the quality and treat yourself and your guitar to a NEW VIBE.

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